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Dentures, also known as false teeth, are a type of dental prosthesis for people missing one, some, or all of their teeth. Fitting a denture to replace missing teeth usually helps patients with their eating and speech. It can also protect the remaining teeth, prevent the face from sagging and improve the patient’s self-confidence.

You might imagine a set of teeth in a glass of water on the bedside table, but there’s a lot more to them than that!

There are many different types of denture, classed according to:

How many teeth they are replacing (full or partial)
Whether they are fixed in place or removable
Whether they are supported by the gum or by implants inserted into the jaw bone
The material they are made from
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Type of dentures

It could be anything from one single replacement tooth hooked around neighbouring teeth, to a full set of teeth on an acrylic base.

Complete vs. Partial dentures

If you are missing all your teeth,  artificial teeth are fixed to a plate which sits snugly over your gums. This plate is usually made from gum-coloured acrylic material, but the inner part can be made from metal. The ‘gum’ extends far enough away from the teeth that the edge shouldn’t be visible when you smile. When the base fits well, natural suction keeps it in place.

Partial dentures are used when some healthy, natural teeth are still present. They are carefully shaped by a dental technician to fit around and clip onto any remaining teeth. Both the artificial teeth and gum are coloured to be a good match with your natural teeth and gums.

What are denture’s false teeth made from?

The teeth themselves can be made from acrylic resin, metal covered in acrylic, or porcelain. Acrylic is most commonly used these days because of its durability. Porcelain can look more natural but it’s more expensive and not as lightweight as acrylic.

Cleaning and maintenance

Many people remove their false teeth overnight for comfort, and if not kept moist they can lose their shape.

You may simply place them in water or you can add a cleaning solution – but make sure you use one that’s compatible with your type of denture.

Your dentist may advise you to wear your teeth as much as possible or to remove them every night. Follow whatever directions they give you on this matter.

Regardless of how long you wear them for, your artificial teeth need to be cleaned every day. Again, your dentist will show you how to do this properly and may provide a special brush or other tool. You might not have to remove them every time you brush your teeth, but it’s easier to remove all traces of food if you can see what you’re doing.

If you don’t clean your dental appliance properly, not only are you increasing your chances of gum disease and tooth decay but you’ll probably develop bad breath because of all the bacteria sticking to it. Cleaning also helps to reduce the chances of staining.

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