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Invisalign teeth aligners are not just more discrete than metal braces. They’re also more comfortable, more hygienic and less disruptive. You don’t need to change what you eat, your speech is unaffected, and it’s virtually pain-free.

Why Invisalign?

Invisalign® Aligners are virtually invisible, easily removable, and cause no irritation to your gums or mouth. They are the world’s most advanced orthodontic technology.
There’ll be little or no change to your speech and you should feel no discomfort during the treatment.

On your terms.

Our state-of-the-art digital treatment planning tools mean you only need short and usually non-invasive visits to your Invisalign Provider every 6 to 8 weeks. They’ll provide you with your next series of aligners to take home – so you can change them every 1-2 weeks, wherever you might be.

More precision, less pain.

Aligners made from SmartTrack material are more comfortable, trimmed to your  exact gum line to fit better, and are easy to put in and take out. They’re also less painful than braces.

Made to move your life, not disrupt it.

Because the aligners are removable, you can easily take them in and out to continue enjoying the food you love without any restrictions. For those who participate in contact sports, Invisalign clear aligners can be removed before you play.